Music Teacher OaklandMy bio

I loved music early on. When my parents moved us from the hardships of the post second world war in Budapest, Hungary to Stockholm, Sweden I was a young child.  My mother told me I stopped smiling when we arrived. A month later my father got us a small yellow radio. As soon as the music started my spirit lifted and I started to dance. After that I was my regular smiling self again. I heard and loved music all my life but there was no time or money for lessons until much later as an adult in my 30’s. In the meanwhile I taught myself several different instruments and was asking anyone passing by who knew anything about music to show me. I was interested in several instruments but decided to focus on saxophone and piano. I play mostly tenor saxophone but also have and teach alto saxophone. I’ve had great private teachers both for saxophone and piano. At Laney Collage in Oakland California I studied music theory, ear training, jazz arranging, jazz piano and played tenor saxophone in jazz combos. I am grateful to my private teachers for both saxophone and piano. They brought me a long way on my musical journey.

My teaching history

I’ve been teaching full time for over 19 years and am very patient and supportive. I try to guide you and inspire you to where you want to go musically at any pace that suits you. Most importantly it should be fun and enjoyable. Twice a year I do “big jams” (the word recital has such a bad ring for many and what we have is fun!) where everybody gets to show off their stuff with friends and family. Saxophone and piano players perform together some in small groups or by themselves depending on what they have prepared.