“Music brings peace, beauty and love”

- Alice Herz Sommer 



What I teach

I teach many styles of music: jazz, blues, latin, ballads, standards and some classical too. I teach reading music, music theory, technique, ear training and improvisation. Piano player also learn how to accompany horn players and singers.

What a lesson might be like and what to expect

When you are a new student I’ll ask you questions like where you would like to go with your music and what your interests are? Do you sing and want to accompany yourself on the piano? Do you want to play jazz saxophone with other people? Do you want to learn to read music? What kind of time do you have? At what pace would you like to go?
I also want to know at what level you are; brand new beginner or maybe a returning adult after childhood lessons or already playing some and want to go to the next level?
Depending on what you want with the music I usually start with some warm ups like technique and a little music theory and reading if you like, then most of your lesson (usually an hour) we play music, songs that you’d like to learn and also jazz improvisation if that’s your interest.
I make a lot of my own materials and copy useful pages so you don’t have to buy a bunch of books. We will also listen to recordings of the music you want learn. Listening is important and half the learning!
How often and at what pace your lesson is depends entirely on your wishes and the time you have available in your life. My main wishes are that you find the lessons helpful and great fun!

Take A Lesson


One of the many advantages of a piano is that you can actually see what you are doing. It is laid out so clearly in front of you. You don’t have to tune your piano every time you want to play like for example string instruments need to do.
You can play on a regular piano or on a keyboard. That gives you choices of size and privacy (keyboards have outlets for earphones) depending on your living situation and finances. If you don’t know what you need I’ll be happy to discuss it with you.
Piano is a great instrument since it has so many different uses: you can play all by yourself reading arranged music, you can accompany yourself and/or other instruments and you can play with or without a bass player.
If you are a beginner I’ll get you familiar with the “geography” of the piano so that you can find your way around the keys. You will learn how to move your fingers with ease.
You can choose to learn how to read music at different levels or not much at all. If you want to accompany yourself or others the most important is then to learn about chords and how to use them in different situations. The reading then is not as important as it is when learning to play classical music where reading is crucial.
Most of all I want you to enjoy playing whatever you desire and to have fun learning!



It’s easier than most people think. All the shiny buttons might seem intimidating but it’s far less complicated then it looks to a beginner’s eye. It does not require hard blowing. Actually it sounds bad it you blow too hard.
You will learn how to put together the three parts of your saxophone (body, neck and mouth piece), where your fingers go and how to breathe and blow to make a beautiful sound. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can make a sound and move your fingers on the keys. Most people can do that already at the first or second lesson.
You will learn to coordinate your breath and the movements of your fingers. Unlike for example piano you only play one note at a time. The fingering on all sizes of saxophones are the same so its easy to change or add another one if you like.
Then we’ll take it from there depending on your wishes and what I understand to be your needs. Playing saxophone is great fun!


What students are saying

"I've told three people how joyful this morning's lesson was. It'd be a shame if I didn't tell the one responsible for it before the day has ended. So thank you for the joy you add to my life."

− Dave McKay

"If you are an adult, or any age for that matter, and want to play piano or saxophone in a supportive, friendly and positive environment then you will have come to the right place if you are seeking lessons from Eva Pettersson. Her specialty is teaching students to play jazz standards and to play solo improvisations over them. In the spring and Fall Eva organizes “Jam Sessions” on a voluntary basis for her students that wish to play what they have learned to a small group of friends and family. These are fun events for those that choose to participate. I have taken saxophone and piano lessons from Eva for many years and am very pleased with my progress and her willingness to help me with the twists and turns of my musical interests."

− Bill Turner

"Fast approaching senior citizenship, Eva presents playing music a
 dream come true! The same will be true for you."

− Aubrey Holmes

"If you are looking for a great teacher, then I suggest Eva. She can meet all your musical needs and exceed your expectations. It is amazing how much I have learned in the short time I've had her. I highly recommend her to anyone that wants to learn how to play the piano or the saxophone. My future plans include learning both instruments. She is a wonderful patient instructor!"

− Andrea B. Herbert

"Even after so many years of making music, I had always wanted to learn to play piano. Eva erased my fears and insecurities with her supportive and positive attitude. Her lessons and the “jam” with all her students became a great musical adventure for me!"

− Anna de Leon